Dimpled Drainage Board HDPE Material

Dimpled Drainage Board HDPE Material

Products Introduction of Dimpled Drainage Board of Virgin HDPE Material Rolled drainage board, is the drainage plate made of plastic molding process, the width is generally 2 meters, length can be arbitrarily cut, usually 10-20 meters. Material is generally HDPE, the price of PVC material is...

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Many people probably haven't seen the shape of the dimpled drainage board HDPE material, but people still walk on it every day. Our country's highways contain products of dimpled drainage board, so as to guarantee the smooth drainage of underground roads, enhance the whole road's organization, and make the road's use time extend. The materials for producing dimpled drainage board are often black and white. But most of them are made of polystyrene and polyethylene, which are made of plastic to make drainage board. Then, after a series of production and processing steps, such as melting, extruding and others, they are born conical convex on the floor. The role of the conical boss on the entire drainage board is black and white, and the cost of drainage board is changed. In other words, without cone bosses, it is impossible to guarantee the drainage results.

Traditional drainage system usually use cobble layer as guide filter layer, by using many pebbles or gravel as the filter layer and the water exchange in the gutter. This kind of system does not only increase the construction of the garage roof load, long time will also affect the drainage smooth, not easy for reconstructed roof construction inconvenience of water Leakage. The plastic dimpled drainage board is made up of extruded plastic core plate in the middle, which is the skeleton and channel of drainage belt. Its cross section is parallel cross, and two sides are wrapped with nonwoven geotextile as filter layer. The core belt plays a supporting role and the water filtered by the filter layer is discharged upward.







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