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  • Road Construction Geogrid

    Road Construction Geogrid

    Road Construction Geogrid The nylon binding belt of glass fiber grille has high tensile strength, impact resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance function, and the durability of connectors is increased. The fiberglass road construction geogrid is simple, can greatly...Read More

  • Fiberglass Geogrid Of European Standard Manufacturer

    Fiberglass Geogrid Of European Standard Manufacturer

    Fiberglass Geogrid of European Standard Manufacturer Fiberglass Geogrid of European Standard is made of fiberglass fibers. There are many fibers for your choice, different thickness, different tensile strength, different origins. We can also use the importing glass fibers...Read More

  • Biaxial Fiberglass Mesh In Road Construction

    Biaxial Fiberglass Mesh In Road Construction

    Biaxial Fiberglass Mesh In Road Construction Below is the pavement method for biaxial fiberglass Mesh in road construction: Biaxial fiberglass mesh is installed as pavement surface layer. The new asphalt concrete pavement, biaxial fiberglass geogrid can be placed on the semi...Read More

  • Asphalt Reinforcement Geogrid

    Asphalt Reinforcement Geogrid

    Product Feature Asphalt Reinforcement Geogrid has high intensity,the elongation ratio is low,thermostable, the module is high, toughness is good, anti-corrosive, long life and so on characteristics,so widely applies to the old cement road surface, runway's service, the...Read More

  • Asphalt Geogrid 100KN

    Asphalt Geogrid 100KN

    Asphalt Geogrid 100Kn Product Introduction of Asphalt Geogrid 100Kn Asphalt Geogrid 100Kn is taking glass fiber as the material, adopting knitting process and formed the reticular structure. For the protection of the fiberglass and improvement of the overall performance of...Read More

  • Fiberglass Geogrid 100KN

    Fiberglass Geogrid 100KN

    1. I ntroduction of Fiberglass Geogrid 100 KN: Fiberglass Geogrid 100 KN is wovened by our foreign advanced warp knitting machine. We use high quality non-alkali fiberglass yarn, coated with modified asphalt/butimen. We cn also produce self-adhesive fiberglass geogrid by...Read More

  • Biaxial Fiberglass Geogrid

    Biaxial Fiberglass Geogrid

    Product Introduction of Biaxial Fiberglass Geogrid Biaxial fiberglass geogrid is a kind of plane warp knitted mesh material with alkali-free fiberglass yarn as mail body and then coated with bitumen. The warp knitted with oriental structure which gives full play of yarn...Read More

  • Fiberglass Geogrid Pavement

    Fiberglass Geogrid Pavement

    Product Introduction of Fiberglass Geogrid Pavement Purpose Product Description Fiberglass geogrid Pavement Purpose is plane network shape material that selects excellent reinforcement non-alkali roving, is weaved into base material by using foreign advanced warp knitter,...Read More

  • Geogrids in Pavement Construction

    Geogrids in Pavement Construction

    Product Introduction of Geogrid in Pavement Construction Geogrid in Pavement Construction is of high-grade in geogrid. It is warp knitted to mesh structure with non-alkali zero twist fiberglass yarn. Black asphalt is coated repeated in special ways to protect the fiberglass...Read More

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