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HDPE Uniaxial Geogrid UX80

HDPE Uniaxial Geogrid UX80

Product Introduction of HDPE Unixial Geogrid UX80 The raw material of HDPE u nixial g eogrid is of high molecular polymer.Unidirectional Geogrids are often employed as soil slope stabilization products, which allow the soil to stand at virtually any necessary angle (0-90 degrees). The range of possibilities of this erosion control fabric makes it possible to use them with many different facing objects and create virtually any required structure (from the point of view of aesthetics and architectural requirements). During the producing process, certain UV-resistance and anti-aging AIDS are added. Through single direction stretching, the original scattered chain form molecular is reorienting...

Product Details

Product Introduction of HDPE Unixial Geogrid UX 80

The raw material of HDPE unixial geogrid UX 80 is of high molecular polymer.Uniaxial (UX) Geogrids are manufactured from select grades of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resins that are highly oriented and are designed to resist elongation (creep) when subjected to heavy loads for long periods of time. These geogrids are also highly resistant to installation damage as well as long-term chemical or biological degradation. In fact,  UX Geogrids have shown no degradation in soils with pH levels measuring as high as 12 and can be used in both dry and wet environments. Given the inert properties of HDPE resins, they can be designed for use with a variety of backfill materials, including on-site soils and recycled concrete. During the producing process, certain UV-resistance and anti-aging AIDS are added. Through single direction stretching, the original scattered chain form molecular is reorienting to be line form and created a new kind of strength geosynthetic material. HDPE unixial geogrid is much better than traditional or present reinforced material and is a ideal material for civil engineering project reinforcement and stiffener.

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Product Specification of HDPE Unixial Geogrid UX 80


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Product Application of HDPE Unixial Geogrid UX80

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1. HDPE unixial geogrid is a high strength structural material and usually used for the road base reinforcement of high-way, urban road, railway and airport track.

2. HDPE unixial geogrid is used in the dam reinforcement of river and seacoast.

3. HDPE unixial geogrid is used in fruit garden, vegetable garden, livestock and land fence. It is convenient for installation and dismantles with beautiful looking.

4. HDPE unixial geogrid is used in the retaining wall reinforcement project. 

5.HDPE UX Geogrids can carry high tensile loads applied in one direction (along the roll). Their open aperture structure interlocks with fill material to provide superior load transfer from soil to geogrid. These geogrids are manufactured by punching and drawing a homogenous polymer sheet to create a uniform product that does not require weaving, coating or welding to maintain structural integrity. This results in superior junction strength, which allows durable connection to other rolls of installed geogrid or to facing components.

Additionally UX geogrids can be used where new landfills are placed on top of old landfills. In this case, the uniaxial geogrid is used to carry the additional load of the new landfill so as to lessen the load felt by the underlying geomembrane. This prevents the existing geomembrane from rupturing in the event of void formations in the old landfill.  Constructing and adding fill on top of an existing municipal waste landfill can be hazardous because the decomposition of underlying waste can create voids, and the potential for collapse. Site Supply offers a solution from Tensar in the form of UniAxial Geogrids.  These geogrids reinforce the new lining system and span anticipated voids, allowing clients to safely extend the life of existing landfill sites by expanding capacity.

You can also use uniaxial geogrids as veneer stability for secondary containment applications such as tank farms. When the grid is placed on slopes for this application, the transverse bars of the uniaxial geogrid act to confine and prevent the overlying stone fill from washing or eroding down the slope.


Product Qualification of HDPE Unixial Geogrid UX80

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Product Packing and Delivery of HDPE Unixial Geogrid UX 80

Tensile Strength at Break: 50kn~200kn

Color: Black

Roll Width: 1m or 1.1m

Roll Length: 50m, 100m or as required

Wrapping: No wrapping with stickers

Delivery Time: Within 10 days from order confirmation






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