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Polypropylene Woven Geotextile 80g

Polypropylene Woven Geotextile 80g

Polypropylene Woven Geotextile 80g Dageng group owns 30 sets of circular loom to make Polypropylene or Polyester woven geotextile for geosynthetic usages. Among these machines, 25 sets can make the woven geotextile with the roll width 1-6m and 5 sets to make the roll width 1m. Our woven...

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Polypropylene Woven Geotextile 80g 

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Polypropylene Woven Geotextile is widely used in construction fields. It is light, easy to deliver and is an electrical material for projects. But when applying woven geotextiles, there are some tips that must pay attention to: Polypropylene Woven Geotextile can only use the geotextile knife to cut (like hook knife), such as if we are cutting it in the construct site, the other materials are required to take special protective measures in case of causing any unnecessary damage; also, it some other material is used at the same time with woven geotextile, we must take all necessary measures, in order to prevent damage to below layer material; when laying woven geotextile, we must be careful not to let stones, dust or moisture going under the woven geotextile which may destroy the geotextile, black drainage or filter function; after installation, we must check all surface of the geotextile with visual analysis to determine all the damage to the landlord, if there is any, must repair it.


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