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  • Geogrid and Geotextile

    Geogrid and Geotextile

    Geogrid and Geotextile is a compound product made of PP/PET/Fiberglass geogrid and geotextile, whichi is especially designed for soil stabilisation and reinforcement applications. The Geogrid and Geotextile, a composite geogrids, is manufactured by bonding a biaxial...Read More
  • Nonwoven Geotextile Geogrid Combigrid

    Nonwoven Geotextile Geogrid Combigrid

    For geogrid,we have different raw material, such as fiberglass geogrid, polyester geogrid,and polypropylene geogrid. And different production technologies for geogrids,such as warp and weft woven geogrid, biaxial stretched geogrid,and welded geogrid.Read More
  • Textile Reinforced Plastic Composite Geogrid

    Textile Reinforced Plastic Composite Geogrid

    Our composite geogrid is a kind of geosynthetics,with both the feature of geogrid and geotextile together,that is bonding a nonwoven geotextile to geogrids.Read More
  • Geotextile-geogrid Composites 100KN

    Geotextile-geogrid Composites 100KN

    Our geocomposites are able to provide drainage, protection, reinforcement, and filtration and barrier functions and replace expensive and scarce mineral resources.Read More
  • Nonwoven Reinforced Geotextile Composite

    Nonwoven Reinforced Geotextile Composite

    Shandong Dageng Group are able to manufacture geotextile and geogrid,and its combination,geocomposite. Our geocomposite can be geogrid glued with geotextile,or geogrid sewed with geotextile,or...Read More
  • Fiberglass Geogrid Composite with Geotextile

    Fiberglass Geogrid Composite with Geotextile

    Fiberglass Geogrid Composite With Geotextile is combined with geogrid and geotextile together to achieve maximum strength traget. There are many choices for geocomposite materials: You can use fiberglass geogrid, polyester geogrid, also plastic.Read More
  • Pavement Reinforcement Geogrid

    Pavement Reinforcement Geogrid

    The tensile strength of steel-plastic composite geogrid is undertaken by high-strength steel-wire which are Weaven Horizontally and vertically. It creates high tensile modulus under low strain capacity. The cooperative performance of vertical and horizontal ribs could creat...Read More
  • Asphalt Composite

    Asphalt Composite

    Asphalt Composite for asphalt road using glass fiber as the main reinforcing material, through warp stitching technique, glass fiber and polyester or polypropylene spunbonded non-woven geotextile/fabric sewn into a stable structure of composite geotextile material.Read More
  • Reinforced Geogrid

    Reinforced Geogrid

    Reinforced Geogrid a kind of new type geogrid geotextile composite. It is consist of one layer non-woven geotextile and one layer geogrid. The two layers are compound together through high temperature melting or adhesive glue. The geotextile surface is...Read More
  • Geogrid Geotextile Composite

    Geogrid Geotextile Composite

    Geogrid Geotextile Composite newly developed geosynthetic material recent years and is getting more and more popular. The basic material is non-woven geotextile or non-woven fabric. One kind is non-woven geotextile sticking to fiberglass/PET...Read More
  • Geogrid Composite with Nonwoven Geotextile 100g

    Geogrid Composite with Nonwoven Geotextile 100g

    Geogrid composite is a composite of fiberglass geogrid, polyester geogrid and plastic geogrid combined with non-woven geotextile or fabric through adhesive and hot melting methods.Read More
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