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  • Geosynthetic Membrane

    Geosynthetic Membrane

    Geosynthetic membrane is the low permeable synthetic membrane liner and geotechnical engineering materials which is widely used for solid waste containment, mining and water containment applications.Read More
  • Geomembrane HDPE

    Geomembrane HDPE

    Geomembrane HDPE is made by HDPE, by blowing technology. It can be used as the impermeable layer in ponds which can improve pond's water storage function. Also, it can be used in house roof surface to work as a impervious barrier.Read More
  • HDPE Tank Liner

    HDPE Tank Liner

    The HDPE tank liner is also called impermeable membrane, geomembrane, HDPE film, polyethylene film, waterproof film, black film, and methane film. It is only a kind of product, but the thickness is different but the use range is different.Read More
  • Top Quality HDPE Geomembrane

    Top Quality HDPE Geomembrane

    We have long time experience in producing and supplying fileds of HDPE geomembrane at home and abroad. We are using imported raw HDPE material, through an advance Germany machine of film blowing to produce various kinds of geomembrane products.Read More
  • HDPE Impervious Membrane

    HDPE Impervious Membrane

    Polyethylene geomembrane is also known as high density polyethylene film and HDPE geomembrane, or HDPE impervious membrane. It is a plastic coil made of HDPE resin, and its HDPE is a high degree of crystallinity and non-polar thermoplastic resin.Read More
  • LDPE Geomembrane 5.6M Roll Size Width

    LDPE Geomembrane 5.6M Roll Size Width

    LDPE Geomembrane 5.6M Roll Size Width is made by LDPE pellets. This kind of material is widly used in dams, land fills and shirimp ponds.Read More
  • Composite Geomembrane with PET Non-woven Geotextile

    Composite Geomembrane with PET Non-woven Geotextile

    Construction method: of Composite Geomembrane with PET Non-woven Geotextile: the composite geomembrane is directly laid on the surface of the embankment, the upper part is covered with 10 cm thick sand cushion, and the surface is 10 cm thick concrete. Composite Geomembrane...Read More
  • Geotextile-membrane Composite Liner

    Geotextile-membrane Composite Liner

    Our nonwoven geotextile can be thermally bonded together with membrane for composite membrane.Composite membrane has the function of filtration,isolation,drainage,protection,and geotechnical reinforcement.Read More
  • ASTM HDPE Membrane Pond Liner

    ASTM HDPE Membrane Pond Liner

    Our geomembrane can be HDPE,LDPE,PVC,with different colors,such as black,white,blue and different thickness,ranging from 0.1mm-3mm,different production quality standards,such as ASTM and GB. It is widely used for for ponds, dams, lagoons, tanks, landfill cells,caps, floating...Read More
  • HDPE Geomembrane 1.5mm Thickness Virgin Material

    HDPE Geomembrane 1.5mm Thickness Virgin Material

    HDPE Geomembrane 1.5mm thickness Virgin Material is made from 100% virgin grade HDPE pellets which is imported from abroad. We put these pellets into our machine, at the same time, heat the pellets which will be melting. Finally, we use our...Read More
  • Black Anti-seepage Film

    Black Anti-seepage Film

    The Black Anti-seepage Film anaerobic fermentation pool, which uses the advantages of HDPE membrane material to prevent seepage and leakage, lays a layer of HDPE anti-seepage film membrane in the excavated soil pool, and sets up the water pipe, sludge pipe and biogas gas...Read More
  • American ASTM Standard Geomembrane

    American ASTM Standard Geomembrane

    The width of American ASTM Standard Geomembrane is 3-7 meters wide, the thickness is 0.3-2.5mm, the roll length is 50-100 meters long, is packed with woven fabric. Product material using high grade imported high density HDPE resin.Read More
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