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  • Driveway Ground Base Grid

    Driveway Ground Base Grid

    Our fiberglass driveway ground base geogrid is designed for reinforcing road and highway overlays to prolong the pavement lifespan by reducing the effects of reflective cracking caused by traffic loading, age hardening and temperature cycling.Read More
  • Geogrid Plastic Paver

    Geogrid Plastic Paver

    Geogrid Plastic Paver The properties of Geogrid Plastic Paver, is made in Polypropylene (PP) with their square apertures, high tensile strength and optimised geometry of nodes and ribs which make them equal to any other similar material.Read More
  • Woven Filter Fabric

    Woven Filter Fabric

    Plastic Woven Filter Fabric are actually woven geotextiles. We know that geotextiles are made of some high molecular polymers, such as polyester, polypropylene and so on. The preparation of Woven Filter Fabric is different from ordinary filament geotextiles, impervious...Read More
  • Geotextile Landscape Fabric

    Geotextile Landscape Fabric

    Our nonwoven geotextile landscape fabric can be polyester or polypropylene,or both mixed,with different gram weight and colors,roll sizes and specfication available.Read More
  • Polyester Composite Geotextile

    Polyester Composite Geotextile

    Polyester composite geotextile 1.Introduction of Polyester composite geotextile Shandong Dageng Group are the professional manufacturer of geotextile and geogrid in China,meanwhile we are able to manufacture composite geotextile,such as geotextile glued with...Read More
  • PP Geogrid

    PP Geogrid

    Bi-directional PP Geogrid is a new geotechnical material in China. It has high tensile strength (>100KN/m, elongation less than fifteen percent), good dimension, corrosion resistance, aging resistance (120 years of design life, underground), wide use of temperature...Read More
  • Geotekstil Non Woven

    Geotekstil Non Woven

    Our nonwoven geotextile/geotekstil non woven is environmental,which is chemically stable in a wide range of aggressive environments,and cost effective,which can provide economical solutions to many civil engineering applications including a cost-effective alternative to...Read More
  • Geocell Retaining Wall

    Geocell Retaining Wall

    Geocell Retaining Wall i s a lightweight and flexible three-dimensitional,expandable panels made of high-density polythylene(HDPE) sheets which are ultrasonically bonded together to make to be an extremely strong configuration.Read More
  • Soil Separator Fabric

    Soil Separator Fabric

    Because the Soil Separator Fabric has a good isolation effect, the application of this material in the field of construction can strengthen the bearing capacity of the construction project, which will make the building more stable, so the life of its use will be enhanced....Read More
  • 6 Oz Non Woven Geotextile Fabric

    6 Oz Non Woven Geotextile Fabric

    6 oz non woven geotextile fabric is a permeable textile material used to increase soil stability, provide erosion control or aid in drainage. It is multi-purpose fabric that are felt-like in appearance. Its main functions are filtration and separation.Read More
  • Geotextile Stabilization Fabric

    Geotextile Stabilization Fabric

    Geotextile Stabilization Fabric is the perfect choice for areas that require a mild level of drainage or filtration. Featuring a needle-punched polypropylene, it is strong enough to withstand outdoor elements while still providing enough space and drainage for water to filter...Read More
  • Polyethylene Geotextile

    Polyethylene Geotextile

    Polyethylene Geotextile has appeared in 2014 and has been in full condition for three years. It is also unwittingly cooperating with our greenhouse heat preservation products for three years, so from the perspective of the actual use of these three years, what are the...Read More